Additional Services

Rail Car Storage

Genesee Valley Transportation offers short & long term railcar storage on its railroads in Western & Central NY and Northeast PA. We have the capacity and flexibility to store your empty and/or loaded railcars including hazardous commodities. Some locations can also provide railcar return services.

Please contact our Business Development Manager – Matt Wasilewski 585.343.5398  for more information, availability, and pricing.



Our Genesee Valley Transportation Rail Dispatching Office takes great pride in ensuring the safe and efficient management of train traffic directed from our Scranton Operations Center in Pennsylvania. This rail dispatch management service is scalable and customizable to your operational needs. The highly experienced GVT Rail dispatch team operates in strict adherence with all nationally recognized rail traffic guidelines (NORAC). We thoroughly manage & maintain all critical record keeping in accordance with federal (FRA) regulations including but not limited to train/car movements, demurrage, passenger counts and hazardous material documentation as well as any specific client reporting requirements.

Please contact Dave Crosby 570.347.5232 for more information, availability, and pricing.