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The size of our company affords Genesee Valley the flexibility to handle requests of any scale. We’re always refining our operations to ensure that each customer reaps the competitive advantages of shipping via train.

The story of Genesee Valley Transportation Company is nothing less than a slice of the American dream. The current ownership group was among five individuals that formed the original company with the purchase of secondhand locomotives for leasing out to the plethora of short line and regional rail operations that sprang up following the 1980 deregulation of the industry by the federal government.

When the first opportunity arose for the founders to acquire and operate a railroad, the leases for GVT’s locomotives were called back and the engines brought to Buffalo, where the Depew, Lancaster & Western Railroad (DLWR) had just been formed. The company’s headquarters were set up in Batavia, NY and though the address has changed, we still call the Genesee County seat our home.

Successes on the DLWR lead to the acquisition and revitalization of Adirondack paper and forest-products railroads starting in 1991, with the acquisitions of the Lowville & Beaver Railroad and formation of the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern (MHWA).

In 1993, a successful bid process saw GVT Rail selected as operator of what became the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad, from Scranton, up and back down the Pocono Mountains to the iconic Delaware Water Gap. GVT Rail’s style of successful, sustainable business development has taken this publicly-owned rail property from 1,500 rail cars hauled in 1993 to just shy of 10,000 in 2019. This legacy of constant growth has allowed GVT Rail to be continually renewed as freight rail operator for the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority, owner and managing entity of the track itself.

Strategic acquisitions continued through the nineties, with GVT adding rail properties in Utica, Rome and Batavia, all of which form the backbone of terminal switching operations and our 3T (transload) Service facilities.

As generational change effects small businesses worldwide, succession planning has moved to the forefront of GVT Rail. We’re bringing in a new wave of thinkers, doers and leaders to shape the direction of our company. It’s fresh-perspectives meshing with proven-successes, and it’s the formula we’re using to better serve our existing customer base and identify strategic growth opportunities to come.


System Manager Of Rules Genesee Valley Transportation
Peter Nicholas

System Manager of Rules


Matthew Schramm

Customer Service/Yard Master (DL)


Customer Service Genesee Valley Transformation
Amber Williams

Customer Service


Director of Transportation Genesee Valley Transformation
Dan Finucane

Director of Transportation


​Superintendent Genesee Valley Transformation
Larry Zablonski

​Superintendent (FRR, DLWR)


Superintendent (MHWA) - Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins

Superintendent (MHWA)


Brittany P. Montford
Brittany P. Montford

Corporate Manager of Finance


Aaron Boyle
Aaron Boyle

3T Service Specialist: Batavia Transload Warehouse

Kathleen (Kaye) Brown
Kathleen (Kaye) Brown

Executive Administrator



David Monte Verde


Business Development Manager

Matt Wasilewski


VP Business Division/Acquisitions

Michael Thomas


Secretary & General Counsel

John Herbrand


Director of Capital Projects & Facilities

Tom Madej


Chief Dispatcher

David Crosby


Accounts Payable/Receivable

Pam Mullen


Superintendent (DL)

Lorie Ransom


Mechanical Services Manager

Bill Strein


Dispatcher (DL)

Amy Sturdevant