Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad

Customer Service Contact:

Kaye Brown (585) 343-2977

Marketing & Sales:

David Blount (610) 213-6725
Greg Cheshier (585) 343-5398

Car Hire Accounting:

Sara Bedette (585) 343-2977


Jeff Collins (315) 733-2242

Multimodal Options:

Utica Yard
Lynn Scott Trucking (Utica)
Carthage Team Track

Class 1/Regional Railroad Partners:

CSX Transportation
New York Susquehanna & Western

Interchange Stations:

Utica (CSXT)
Utica (NYSW)
Carthage (CSXT)

Other Resources:

Industrial Development
System Maps
New York Business Development Corporation

Headquartered in Utica, New York, the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad (MHWA) serves the Mohawk Valley and the Adirondack Region. Originally a paper and forest product carrier the Railroad has evolved and grown into new markets. Be it long haul or short haul, unitized single commodity trains or switching operations, the Railroad can tailor a solution that best fits our customers.

The Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad, while developing a modern customer base, has also remained true to the rich industrial heritage of the communities we serve. Nowhere is this truer than Rome, New York, where the railroad serves multiple steel manufacturing/processing entities. Through local support and the growth opportunity provided by rail service, these industries have expanded and modernized over the last twenty years, with no stop in sight. Beyond American-made steel products, the Railroad also handles stone, ores, chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, paper products, forest products, food and much more.