Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Bulk Transload Partnerships

Carbondale Transload, the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad and the Pennsylvania Northeast Regional Railroad Authority have partnered to establish a Bulk Rail Distribution Terminal in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. The facility will provide current and future businesses with potential rail availability for service needs in the natural gas development and support industries.

The facility is being developed to offer efficient, economical rail shipping for our clients which can be supplemented by many other services offered by Carbondale Transload. Visit the Carbondale Transload website for more information.

For more information, please contact:

Joe Grabin - Project Development - (570) 840-2324

Larry Holgate - Executive VP - (570) 240-0126

Carbondale Transload
100 Enterprise Drive, Carbondale, PA 18407
Phone: (570) 282-1490 Fax: (570) 282-1456

Bulkmatic Transport Company has recently expanded its operations in Northeast Pennsylvania. One of their most modern facilities includes a recently built bulk commodities transload just north of our Green Ridge Yard. This new Transload site is over 30 acres in size; newly constructed track handles over 25 railcars for unloading at a time. Additional trackage offers constructive placement for 80 railcars. Bulkmatic plans to add additional unloading tracks as needed. Bulkmatic Transport Company is equipped to handle bulk commodities in a variety of railcars including hoppers, tank cars, boxcars, flatcars, and other special use cars in support of various industries including but not limited to Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Miller - Asst. VP Sales - (610) 517-9171

Einar Markussen - Asst. Team Leader - (610) 390-4002

Bulkmatic Transport Company
3400 Boulevard Avenue, Scranton, PA 18512

To speak with our Business Development Team, please contact:

Director of Business Development: David Blount (610) 384-5082 (office) or (610) 213-6725 (cell)

VP Transportation: Greg Cheshier (585) 343-5398

Additional Resources: Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad Map